Current Delivery Schedule: Approximately 12-14 Weeks


To design and manufacture high quality, competitively priced equipment for the concrete industry, provide a safe and respectful work environment for our valued employees, and continue to support our customers and community.



The following equipment is in stock and ready to deliver.

  • Aggregate Gates, Emergency Jam Gates, Manholes & Pressure Relief Valves
  • Bag Style Dust Collectors with filter area of 16 sqft, 150 sqft, and 225 sqft.
  • Cartridge Style Pulse Jet Dust Collectors with filter area of 330 sqft.
  • 350 Barrel Round Vertical Portable Silos 
  • 200 Barrel Low Profile Silo
  • 300 Barrel Low Profile Silo
  • 550 Barrel Round Vertical Portable Silo
  • 1050 Barrel Round Vertical Portable Silo

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150 DH
225 DH
Filter Vent
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IMG 0507
POV photo-1
POV photo-2
agg gate photo-1
agg gate photo-2
emergency jamgate photo-1
emergency jamgate photo-2
manhole photo-1
manhole photo-2